Commercial Property Located at 36417 Richard Frey Road, Waller, Texas 77484


Take a video tour of this 20 acre unrestricted commercial property located in Waller County.  Three buildings, on site make it a perfect place for you to relocate your business. Close enough to Houston, just a short drive to Highway 290. You drive up to a secured gate that is video monitored.  Three phase electrical ON SITE.  This first building you come to is currently being used as a home, but would convert nicely to additional office space, fully air conditioned.  A three car detached garage is right off the house.  The next building is a manufactured home that is currently being used as the office.  Plenty of room here and really chilly air conditioning.  The last building is the big daddy: 2- 20x14x40 ft long garages, 2 more oversized garages, enclosed paint room, lockable small storage, bathroom, air conditioned office.  Included in the 20 acres are 15 acres that are fenced and have a cattle tank on it.  This could be the perfect location to take you business to the next level. Listed for $1,300,000 ML#80755774

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This REALTOR’s Perspective:

If you think it’s too expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

—Red Adair

Be the professional and work with other professionals that’s the name of the game.  Find your niche and do it better than anyone else.  Create your own opportunities and you will never have to wait for the breaks.  No one ever said being in business was going to be easy, but if you are the master of your fate isn’t that worth the risk.  Expanding your business can be scary, but if you had a bigger shop and more land to grow own, couldn’t you explode your business?  Look outside the box at the possibilities at the potential and the payoff.  Buying raw land for your business and then building brings permits, surveys, more permits, environmental impact studies and more.  Buying a commercial property with three phase electrical already on site, that’s going to be hard to get on your raw land; I wish you well in making that happen.  The city is moving to the country, better get here before it’s too late.  It’s a perfect time to expand your business and be the professional.  Then you’ll be able to………  


Live Life to the Fullest,

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