Be mine today and EVERYDAY (VALENTINES 2012)

pink roses with inscription I read a lot and with that you get some good, bad and ugly.  Valentines may have been elevated to commercial status, but the last time I checked the POST OFFICE and all the banks are still open.  So Valentines haters step aside or just go away.    You don’t have to buy a rose or even a card.  It’s time for you to FIND a way to show you love them today and EVERYDAY.  Take a page from my playbook.  Check out what my daughter got for breakfast this morning.  I’ll clue you in…….It’s the same thing she gets most mornings…..Eggos(with chocolate chips), banana slices a slice of bacon, small cup of apple juice and a large milkshake glass of carnation breakfast.  Made every day with love….but today this is how the Eggos and the bananas looked……………

IMG_0891           IMG_0892













I cut her bacon into what was suppose to look like a rose.  You wouldn’t know it if you looked at it, but my little girl knew right away that dad was giving her a bacon rose and that sounds like something straight from Last Man Standing.


Embrace the moment, don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle, if you blink the moment will be over….but not for you because your goal is like mine…your goal is to……………………….



PHOTOMAY2009retouched 8x10 (Medium)

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