In the Gulf Coast Region of Texas it has been a bit of a challenging couple of months.  The destruction from Hurricane Harvey will be felt for years to come.  But there is always time to be Thankful.  Some would say this is the icing on an already challenging year.  Retail is continuing to take a hit due to e-commerce or due to their continued insistence that they understand what their customers want, yet continue to do business as they always have in the past.  Real Estate has not had a bang up year, Harvey aside, due to the slow in the regional economy.  Yep it has slowed and in some cases their have been layoffs and 2018 may bring more.  The talking heads talk about stocks being up here and there but the trickle down to our region hasn’t happened yet, not enough to create a BOOM.  But there is always time to be THANKFUL.


Thankful that the HOUSTON ASTROS won their First World Series Championship, be thankful that despite their star rookie quarterback getting hurt the Houston Texans have a future to look forward to.  Thankful that Tilman Fertitta kept the ownership of the Houston Rockets local and so far the season is looking good.  Rumor has it he is looking at bringing hockey back to Houston and that would be AWESOME!!!!   Ok, enough about sports, let’s be thankful that we live in a GOD WE TRUST country.  Let’s be thankful that we can worship GOD in our own way.  Let’s be thankful that we have each other and help one another…..

through thick and thin

So I did some research on where this phrase came from and it IS and oldie.  My research found this phrase goes back to the English country side around the late 1300.   This refers to the thick growth of the English countryside that hunters encounter and their strong desire to overcome those obstacles in order to win the prize of the hunt.   The original expression was through thicket and thin wood.   We all know that a thicket is a tightly grown group of trees or brush and thin wood…well that is a forest that has not grown together.  History class dismissed.

Be thankful for your health, the ones you love and the ones that love YOU and make sure you take time to……………….


Live Life to the Fullest,



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