Be the Strength for Someone


It’s October and that means it is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I don’t normally have a quote for this month but I thought that maybe this month needs a little something extra this year.

“I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind.  Some come from ahead  and some come from behind.  But I’ve bought a BIG BAT.  I’m all ready you see.  Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me.”  –Dr. Seuss

I think this quote from Dr. Seuss, even though it’s an odd source, sums up the courage and power we all need especially during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

My mother died due to complications with her breast cancer so this month weighs heavy on me.

So my message to you is: Be Someones Strength  Be Your Own Strength.  Give thanks for your strength and Live Life to the Fullest EVERY day,

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