Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you get a chance check out my Thanksgiving 2018 video on Youtube.  In this video I taste test Hershey’s candy cane chocolate bar.  It was yummy, white chocolate with bits of cane cane.  Could this be your newest Thanksgiving tradition?

Speaking of traditions if you are looking to sell you home and you are going into the holiday season you are probably thinking “UH OH WHAT HAVE WE DONE!”

My professional opinion on this is….Celebrate YOUR Holiday, with a few small adjustments.

Lets start outside and work our way in.  Lights, lights, and more lights, if you Clark Griswold your home you definately need to take it down a notch this year.  Lights are good and very festive, but lets make sure that it doesn’t look like we are trying to hurt or burn down a perfectly good home.  Wreath on the front door, garland on the  mailbox, and columns, even a blow up santa all very festive.  As we move inside it comes down to “staging a home for sale 101.”  Nothing smaller than your fist, three items per counter top, and minimal furniture.  So if your holiday decorations don’t fall in line with these rules…this year you need to be celerating a little bit differently.  Tree, yes, fake or real…your choice.  Keep in mind you may need to remove furniture in order for the tree to fit this year, we still want good solid walkways for our potential buyers.  Remember to keep to the rule of a depersonalized home.  This means no photo holiday cards, ornaments or other holiday decorations with photos or names.  Last but not least if you have any holiday joke decorations this is not the year to display them.  Inside jokes only confuse buyer(s).  The buyer(s) will leave your home trying to figure out what that decoration has to do with Christmas instead of thinking about how they can make your home THEIR home.

Don’t forget to set up a showing block with the showing service.  Some buyer(s) may not celebrate the same holidays you do or they maybe they are more focused on buying a house and relocating than celebrating the season.

Selling a home is LIFE ABNORMAL so during the holiday season keep to YOUR traditision, with a few minor adjustments



Happy Thanksgiving and….

Live LIfe to the Fullest,