What are Your Christmas Traditions



We are on the downward slide to Christmas.  This is the last full week before Christmas is upon us.  It is time to make sure you have all your Christmas gifts bought, finalize the food and any parties you have coming up.  This is a hectic time but it is also time to roll out your Christmas Traditions.  Is it time for Elf on the Shelf, maybe it’s time to put up your nativity scene, wreath on the door, lights on the house, tree up and decorated.  My sister and her family have a tradition that is new to me it’s call the Three Wisemen.  There are three miniature wisemen that visit her this time of year.  They appear in plain sight and bring a new bible verse each day.  Her children really enjoy seeking out and hearing the new bible verse each day.  For me an my family it’s reading “Santa Clause and the Pigwidgeon”.  I used to read a chapter a night until Christmas Eve but now we read it in one sitting.  Still a great tradition that we all enjoy.  I would love to hear what your traditions are so give me a shot and share, share share.

I’m Scott Culberson and I wish you and yours a


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