The Hearts of Champions Burn Bright at Magnolia West

The Magnolia West High School football team in their 3rd year as a Varsity program showed District 18-4A they will be a team to be dealt with…every year.  They stampeded into the playoffs for the first time.  What a first playoff appearance they had.  The flashy west coast offense of Willis thought they had their players healed and adjustments made only to find that the FIRE of the Mustangs would not go quietly.  When the dust had settled the Mustangs were on the short end of a 46-45 final score.  The blazing determination of the mustangs will surely carry over to 2011-2012 campaign.  Light ‘em up Mustangs next years gonna be even more fun.  District 18-4A the Mustangs of Magnolia West are for real…just wait till next year.

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