24 days until Christmas— When do you put up your Christmas tree?

Christmas_ball_D The joy of the Christmas season begins with the Christmas tree.   Green, furry, sticky, and funny smelling.  They smell fresh like the outdoors and sometimes like that air freshener from your grandpas truck.  Add some homemade ornaments, tinsel, clear lights, colored lights, strings of popcorn and the Christmas season has begun.  Each tree and each tradition varies from family to family.  As a child we had live trees and artificial ones.  Even though the artificial tree did not have that special smell or sticky limbs it started the joy and excitement of Christmas. As a child and as an adult we have set up the tree Pre-Thanksgiving, post-Thanksgiving, a week before Christmas and Christmas Even.  What is the best time to put up the Christmas tree?

So many choices….this year with a busier schedule than years past for all of us, we went as a family and picked out a tree that would last from Pre-Thanksgiving through Christmas.  It was a bold move, but we made the trip from Magnolia to Tomball and found the perfect tree.  The weather for our tree drive was pretty good, a couple of rain drops, but the tree did stay on the car.  We haven’t lost one yet(knock on wood).  We enjoyed the family time decorating the tree, listening to the Christmas Channel on Pandora. Only one broken ornament and I get credit for that.  The house now looks, smells and feels like the holidays and I can’t wait for the family to open their gifts.

MY REALTOR PERSPECTIVE:  I am a huge fan of Christmas and encourage my clients to decorate their home for the Holiday…tree, lights…  Most REALTORS are scared to let the clients decorate for the Holiday.  Some of the agents are afraid that the decorations may not look good or that it may offend someone.  The home is the home and the decorations go with you when you leave.   As far as offending anyone…give me a break.  I take the time to respect others and they should respect my clients and the joy they receive by celebrating the birth of Christ.  I also believe that if your home is active on the market that you should not load up the tree with presents.  One or two mid-size presents is fine, hopefully you will have showings through the Holidays.  You may want to contact your showing service and give them the days you don’t want to show your home during the holidays.  My take is MERRY CHRISTMAS YA’LL this home would look great with your Christmas decorations too!

So when do you put up your Christmas Tree?

Live Life to the Fullest,

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