Sport_Football_Ball_Fire_Water_001(0).jpgIt’s not an age old question, but hopefully your interest is peaked.

Once LABOR Day weekend has come in gone you can count on three things:

1) All the schools have started back

2) Football games will be on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at least through Thanksgiving

3) People BELEIVE that real estate comes to a screeching halt.

The first two are true, but the last, well it….that is up to you.


One of great things about football is that no matter if you are the spectator or the participant, you understand the goal of the game.  Down to it’s most basic points (pun intended) SCORE MORE POINTS THAN THE OTHER GUYS.  To reach this  goal in football you have to reset the goal every time you take possession of the ball.  “We have the ball now, WE need to score a goal and we have four chances to do it in.”   Each time the team takes possession of the football they have a fresh set of four chances…..four chances to move the ball into the end zone….to score a goal……to earn more points than the other guys.  It is fun to see this come together on the football field.  Their are many different things that could get in your way, the biggest of which is that pesky other team.  The real work of the football game comes way before the pads are strapped on or the field is painted or the scoreboard turned on.  The real work comes from the commitment to work for the better of the team.  This is where the team sets it’s long term and short term goals


This is where we break for a moment into real estate.  You goals in real estate are not to score more points, but are to have a home in a community that you feel safe in….to have a home that meets your needs, but how do you get to this point?  Just like in football it starts with a COMMITMENT to work for the better of the team, which in Real Estate we also call your family.  Following your Real Estate Dreams start with a dream and understanding how to get to that dream.  The football players, may be talented and very skilled, but it is the coach that harnesses their ability and streamlines it into a working machine.  The same true with your REALTOR….he is part of your team, but he’s more like a player coach, remember those….back in the day.  These player coaches brought the experience of the game to life by being an active participant IN the game.  This my friend is what you want in your REALTOR, someone that will help you with your game plan, your drills (home searches), your game day preparation (contract writing).  Your REALTOR is the person that we help keep you grounded when you try to stray from your long term goals.

Now on the Real Estate Listing side it’s the same, but more aspects are added.  You have a home that you want to sell for the most amount of money.  Your home is “ON DISPLAY” for the world to see.  Water the yard, stage the home…..you home needs to be show ready, period end of sentence.   That is what it takes to sell your home for top dollar.  So the coach lays out the game plan, the REALTOR lays out the marketing plan.  The team runs a plan the home gets a showing.  The more plays the team runs the more likely they are to score a goal.  The more times your home is shown the more likely it is to receive a contract.  

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. 

Your vision is the promise of what you shall at last unveil.” —John Ruskin

So does football season have anything to do with Real Estate?  Well I personally think the FALL is a great time to buy or sell Real Estate.  What a great feeling to have a house warming party during the HOLIDAYS.  I’ve experienced this first hand with my clients and WOW!!!…it really makes the Holidays come alive.  So what are your REAL ESTATE GOALS?  Long term—Super Bowl Champions, retirement, home on acreage?  Short term—win the game this week, buy a home in a solid neighborhood that has the potential to keep or increase it’s value.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!

Oh contact me with your mailing address and I’ll mail you a 2011 Houston Texans Calendar, supplies are limited.  And let me know how I can help YOU to……….

Live Life to the Fullest,


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