How do YOU like to be THANKED?

touchdown The roar of the crowd after the referee throws up his hands is the ULTIMATE thank you in football;  the crowd is thanking their team for scoring a touchdown; except if your one of the lineman that blocked for that Super Bowl MVP Quarter Back.   That lineman might be getting a Rolex or maybe a car.

Thank according to  verb to express gratitude, appreciation, or acknowledgment to. 

We are taught as children, and rightly so, to thank someone when they help us.  This is not limited to any specific act and can and should be extended to ANYTIME that you feel it necessary.  Saying thank you is both polite and the right thing to do, but on some occasions a thank you isn’t enough.  Those occasions deserve a personal thank you card to the thank you recipient or maybe a card to their boss or parent.  Maybe the verbal and written is not enough, maybe a gift is the way to go.

I, personally, love to thank those that help me.  I went out of my way to say “thank you AND have a nice day” to the McDonald’s drive thru worker today and I will be glad to do it again the next time I visit the Golden Arches.  That’s just how I think things should be, even though that worker is being paid, partly by my purchase.  It’s a thank you for fulfilling the service that I needed.  Their are times where the common worker gives uncommon, ie superman like, service….. it’s time for a personal note to both the worker and their boss.  Everyone needs a PLUS card in their human resource file come review time.  I further think that every worker should keep their own “attaboy” file for review time.  Feedback is a gift and should be appreciated and repected.

So now that I have laid the background, back to our title…..”How do YOU like to be THANKED?”  Do you like to get that unexpected piece of mail from a friend thanking you for that hair stylists you recommended?  Is the phone call enough or have you every received a “thank you” gift that you just couldn’t remember why did they send this??  Let’s dive into the gift part…..What is the perfect thank you gift: cash, gift card, photo in a frame, item personal to you and the giver, or how about something I haven’t even listed here?

I want to here from YOU…..”How do YOU like to be THANKED?” On top of that how would you like me to “THANK YOU” for being a part of this BLOG topic as I want to help YOU to………………………




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