Jack and Jill…Where Do YOU Want to Live?: The Home Buyer Checklist You’ve Been Looking for (8 of 15)

Tropical beach, traditional long tail boats, famous Maya Bay, ThailandJill was dripping wet when she entered their tiny condominium.  A shredded umbrella in one hand and a bag of Chinese take out in the other.  As she closed the door her heel gave way and down she went.  Fortunately it was a tiny condominium, and Jack was able to catch her before she did herself any hard.  The Chinese take out didn’t fair as well.  It got squished, but was still edible.  Jill began to cry as she tried to talk “Jack”, sniff, “I”, sob, “just”, sniffle, “want to be able to park outside our home.”  Jill cried on, not in pain, but from the wet and the sadness of the broken heel on her shoe and the further realization that heir parking situation would not get better until they had their own home on the hill.  Jack handed her a towel and a warm cup of tea and said, “You relax, I got the food warming in the oven, dry off, drink your tea and I’ll read.”

#7 Where Do YOU Want to Live?

I don’t know, where do you want to live?  I don’t know, where do you, think we should live?  It’s a discussion that people have been having for years.  When your looking for a home, unless you have some type of restriction that you have placed on where you want to live, the world is your oyster.  Surely you don’t want a two hour commute, one way, up hill, in the snow.  Or maybe you have to have that type of commute because you want to live by a lake or have your children go to a certain school.  Location IS the biggest question in real estate and that’s why everyone will tell you it’s the first, second and third most important thing,  So location is important, but it’s not just the State or the city, or the subdivision, or the school district, it can also be the street.  Do you want your home on a corner, a cul-de-sac, on acreage, next to the park, or far away from the park?  When you are searching you should look at the satellite view of the home that peaks your interest.  The  satellite might show vacant land, a creek, a river, railroad tracks, salvage yard or strip center that you didn’t see when you drove to the property.  Keep in mind that land that is vacant now may not be vacant forever.  Farmer John may decide to sell that vacant land and you don’t have any control over who he might sell to.  Can you get to work from your new home?  Is their more than one route?  Is their a toll road within a couple of miles that would make your commute a little bit easier?

By the time Jack finished reading Jill had cheered up, dired off and the food was ready to eat.  Jack spoke,”Jill I am making it part of our home search to find us a home that has covered access from the car to the kitchen.  I never want you to have to worry about getting soaked or slipping or…”Jill cut him off saying, “Thank you sweetie.”  And with that she kissed him on the scar of the side of his head and handed him a plate of Chinese food.  They ate in silence as the storm rolled through eagerly awaiting the next check point entitled:

“Jack and Jill Negotiate to Buy a Home..The Home Buyer Checklist You’ve Been Looking for (9 of 15)”

We hope that you’re enjoying our series and that it helps you on your way to……………………..

Live Life to the Fullest,



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