Jack and Jill…Will This Home Suit Our Need?: The Home Buyer Checklist You’ve Been Looking for (7 of 15)

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To say our heroes Jack and Jill were excited about finding their own home on the hill was an understatement.  They had the home buying bug…BIG TIME.  “Jill, I see that you have our next check point printed and ready to read.”  Smiled Jack, as he headed to the kitchen table.  “Yes, Jack, I have it printed and the dinner is in the over staying warm.  Let’s go ahead and read it, before we eat”  sang Jill eagerly.  Jack replied, “Sure Jill” and so Jack began reading aloud………….

#6 Will THIS Home Suit Our Needs in the Future?

When you are searching for a home you need to look into your crystal ball and see what you will need for a home in the future.  Now since the crystal ball store went out of business a couple of hundred years again it might be a good idea to review your goals for the next five, ten, and fifteen years.  The goals you need to review are personal, work and relationship.  In other words, your goals for you, your goals for your job, and your goals as a couple.  All three should meld together at some point.  If one of your work goals is to be CEO of your company in five years and that company just happens to have their headquarters in another state.  Well, that is why you need you go through this exercise.  Respect for the spouses personal dreams and needs for fulfillment are just as important as yours.  That’s what makes two people into one.  Now if you are single; but have a main squeeze it might be time to have serious talks about where the two of you see things going.  No pressure, no worries, just reality.  Buying a home is a commitment for the next five to fifteen years.  That’s why we need to review those long term goals.  Things happen and situations change.  You may want to move closer to family if a loved on falls ill.  Or you may get an unexpected promotion with the division your company just bought that moves you to another state.  Life happens, so be as prepared as you can.

What will you need IN your home to satisfy your needs in the future?  That definitely varies from buyer to buyer, but the basics remain the same…you need a home that has strong bones, has room to grow, and your proud to come home to.  The home structure we will talk about in a later check point.  You will want room to grow in your home, but be careful not to over do it.  A couple with no pets and no children might not want to buy a five bedroom home….yet.  Or maybe they do if they know that they have family that will be visiting for long periods of time for they don’t have a study or game room.  In this case the extra bedrooms become the study and the game room, which leaves you three rooms for beds.  Human nature is to fill available space with stuff.  Be aware of this trap and work hard to keep it in check,  A four bedroom home is a perfect size for a couple that doesn’t have kids or a dog. yet.  One bedroom is the master, tow bedrooms are for guests and one is a study/hobby room.  That doesn’t mean that each guest room needs a full bedroom suit.  Sometimes a blow up mattress works just fine.  After all if your guests don’t leave you won’t have a chance to miss them.

So as Jack finished the last sentence he walked to the kitchen.  on the way he slammed his knee on the counter.  “Yowweee, that hurt.”  Jack yelled in pain.  “I know one thing is for sure, we need a bigger kitchen, especially since your cooking is getting tastier and tastier, Jill.  Before long I won’t be able to fit in this kitchen.”  Jack said with a grin.  Jill met his smile and they set the table together, working hard not to bump Jack’s sore knee again.  That night they started on their short and long term goals eagerly awaiting the next check point entitled:

“Jack and Jill…Where Do YOU Want to Live?  The Home Buyer Checklist You’ve Been Looking For (8 of 15)”

We hope that you’re enjoying our series and that it helps you on your way to……………………..

Live Life to the Fullest,





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