Jack and Jill Consider a Home Protection Plan: The Home Buyer Checklist You’ve Been Looking for (10 of 15)

bubble homeUSEJack and Jill were enjoying the warmer temperatures with a walk in the valley.  They walked hand and hand and Jill had a mischievous grin on her face as they approached the bench.  Jack, knowing his bride better than she knew, took a sear and waited.  Jill’s smile grew as she began to read… 

#9 Consider a Home Protection Plan

A Home Protection Plan, also known as a home warranty, is a service contract that covers various things that may go wrong with your home.  Home protection plans do NOT cover all repairs so it’s important to understand what is covered and what is not.  They are usually purchased for a one year term.  The home protection plan can give a home buyer the piece of mind that if something were to happen to their home that they can call their home protection provider and have it fixed at a reduced and cost.  Costs are involved and that is part of figuring out which plan is best for you.  If you have an in-ground pool you’ll probably want to make sure that it is covered in your home protection plan and to what level.

Talk with your REALTOR about a home protection plan.  You might be able to structure your negotiations so that the seller pays for your home protection plan and will not once the home is purchased.  Or maybe the seller is already offering a home protection plan as a value to you the home buyer.  Minimal investment, yet a huge piece of mind.  Do your homework, check out the different home protection plans available in your area.  You want a home protection plan with a local service team.

“Wow, Jill that sounds like a micro-insurance plan that places a protective bubble over our home.”  Jack said as he pointed to the picture of the home under the glass.  “I’ve read about these before Jack, they can save us big money if we have the right coverage and our air conditioner goes out.”  smiled Jane.  “Short, but informative, that’s the kinda check point I like.”  winked Jack and Jill continued on their walk eagerly awaiting the next check point entitled:

“Jack and Jill Have a Home Inspection…The Home Buyer Checklist You’ve Been Looking for (11 of 15)”

We hope you’re enjoying our series and that it helps you on your way to………………………..

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