Real Estate with Scott Culberson


Jack had just pulled away from their condominium.  When Jill pulled out the next check point.  Jack frowned.  “What?  It’s a thirty minute drive and it’s only a couple of lines long.”  Jill said with a lilt in her voice.  “Ok, said Jack, but don’t quiz me when your done.”  So Jill began to read………… 

#8 Negotiate with Knowledge

This is probably the check point that most readers will skip.  I am sorry to report that there is not magic bullet or crystal ball.  The best asset you have for negotiations is your REALTOR.  Take the time to review the contract template your REATLOR wants to use BEFORE you start looking for a home.  Understand all the negotiation points and timelines.  Knowledge is your friend and the more you understand the negotiation points in the contract the better you can respond in the heat of the battle.  That’s why…

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