Jack and Jill Have a Home Inspection…The Home Buyer Checklist You’ve Been Looking for (11 of 15)

Estimating and Inspecting

Jack had accomplished his mission.  The mission was to surprise Jill at work with lunch and a little light reading.  Jill blushed when she came to the front of her office and saw Jack with a hand full of food and a balloon that said ”I Love You Because You’re You”  With a bubbly smile Jill said, “This is a great surprise sweetie and your going to read to me.  You’re the best!”  So off they went to have a little picnic lunch and to read……….

#10 Get a Home Inspection

To have a home inspection, you need to have a licensed home inspector.  You can find one by asking your REALTOR, doing an internet search for your area or using the phone book.  Do you still even have a phone book?  The reason you want a licensed home inspector is that his license holds credibility with regard to the report they present you.  They are bound to check a long list of items dealing with how your home works.  This magic list changes from year to year slightly, but typically works in conjunction with the building code for the largest city in the area…that is if the town you are in doesn’t have it’s own building codes.  This does not mean that a home built in 1988 has to match the building code of a home that was built this year.  This years building code is the benchmark to grade the home against.  The inspection list grows and changes which is REALLY important to have a licensed Home Inspector perform your Home Inspection.  The Home Inspector is required to continue his education so that he is familiar not only with the current code, but reoccurring issues to look for in homes.  A basic home inspection is usually completed within the firest fifteen days of the contract period, depending on what you negotiated with the seller.  The Home Inspector provides a written report the buyer and the buyers REALTOR (with the buyers permission).  The buyer, after all, is paying for the expertise of the home inspector.  The seller must allow you the ability to perform the home inspections within a timely manner.  All utilities must be on in order to have a proper home inspection…that’s gas, water, electricity.  Who pays for those to be turned on is negotiable.  If the seller is still living in the home it is usually not an issue.  If you are buying a foreclosure you will have to have your REALTOR ask the foreclosure bank for permission to turn on the utilities.

You can have many different types of inspections on your new home and not all basic inspectors are qualified to complete these “other” inspections.  Here’s the short list: mold, swimming pool, structural, septic system, and more.  You should get a home inspection even if this is the 100th home you have bought.  It gives you a heads up on the things that are not working now and in some cases it might show the need to have additional inspections like a Structural Inspection that you would want done by a Structural Engineer.

It is also a good idea to be present during the inspection.  Your report will be detailed and will even come with photos of the issues with your home, but it REALLY helps if you can be there for the inspector to show you first hand.  So ,the inspection is done, the inspector either prints the report on site or you will receive an email in the next day or two.  Not all inspectors complete their reports on site so if you are in a rush you might have to pay a little extra for that luxury.  Once you receive their report you should review it with your REALTOR so that you can decide your next move…continue buying the home or negotiate some specific repairs. If you ask for repairs make sure you ask for the repairs to be done by a real repairman and also ask for receipts for those repairs.  Your inspection is the proof in the pudding that there is something that needs to be fixed.  There is not he said, she said: you hired a professional home inspector and his license binds him to his work.  This is a home your buying, it’s a BIG deal, you want your repairs to be done right the first time.  For an additional fee most home inspectors will re-inspect to verify that your repair requests were done to the code that he graded them on.  A home inspector is a great resource of knowledge for your home.  Bring a note pad, pen and your questions.  your inspector will be glad to answer your questions.

“So the home inspector checks out your home for you, wow that’s cool” Jill said.  “Well, he comes with a price tag, but it sounds like it’s money well spent.  I mean if we really want the home, I think we really want a home inspection before we go all in and buy the place.”  Jack responded as he walked Jill back to work.  “You made my day Jack.”  Jill said as she kissed him on the scar on his head.  Jill went back to work full of food and feeling love and Jack was curious about the next check point entitled:

“Jack and Jill Need Insurance for Their Home…The Home Buyer Checklist You’ve Been Looking for (12 of 15)”

We hope you’re enjoying our series and that if helps you on your way to…………..

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