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I am excited to announce that I have re-written and now have FULL Texas Real Estate Commission approval for my latest version of AMAZON ALEXA, and her friends, for REAL ESTATE. The class is titled: Making ALEXA Work for Real Estate #43586. You want to WIN more listings? You just need to add the value that is missing, a personal marketing touch. Here’s the kicker– You don’t have to spend a fortune or be a computer genius. It’s time to learn how easy it is to Make ALEXA work for YOUR real estate business. I am ready to teach you what you’ve been missing. This class will be offered IN PERSON & on zoom. I suggest the IN PERSON class as you will get a chance to see and hold the Alexa devices and start making some decisions on where you want to start. Click here to see more.

***** Making ALEXA Work for Real Estate #43586 (3 Hours T.R.E.C. Continuing Education) Use technology to give your seller’s the best opportunity to sell their home in ANY market. Secure more listings & elevate your listing presentation, with little out of pocket. This class will introduce you to Alexa, the Voice Assistant & her friends. You will learn how to create an in home, interactive showing experience that uses YOU & YOUR seller’s marketing message & light up the house—THE SHOWING A BUYER WILL NEVER FORGET! We will also discuss daily uses, converting your blog to a Voice blog, a brief history of voice assistants, how to protect your clients, & where The One to Four Family Residential Contract resale mentions this technology. Learn from an Alexa Voice Skill award winner and creator of the first Alexa voice Skill for Real Estate in The Woodlands, Texas. ***** Authored and Taught by Scott Culberson, Provider Living the Real Estate Life #10445

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The Woodlands Home Sales and Inventory Market Report | August/September 2019

  • Seller’s Market up to $900,000.  Strong Seller’s Market up to $500,000
  • August Listings Under Contract were UP 25.9% compared  July 2018
  • Year To Date Listings Under Contract  = UP 12.2%
  • Low-Low Mortgage Rates
  • 1 in 4 new listings were placed Under Contract in 10 Days Or Less
  • 2 in 5 new listings were placed Under Contract in 31 Days Or Less
  • Average Days On Market before placed Under Contract = 58 Days
  • Median Number Of Days On Market before placed Under Contract = 40 Days
  • Median List Price placed Under Contract = $387,000
  • Average List Price placed Under Contract = $549,000

Q. Why is the market UP 12.2% year-to-date compared to than last year? 

A. Our real estate market is fueled by a bundle of positive external stimulus factors. 

Factors like:

  • Positive economic growth.
  • Job growth and low unemployment.
  • Stable oil prices.
  • Positive consumer confidence.
  • Corporate-relocation moving people in and out (like an Exxon/Mobil).
  • Healthy selection.
  • Excellent mortgage rates in the historically low 3% range.

All positive External Stimulus Factors are in place.  Our real estate market is healthy and gaining strength.

Buyers. . . 

  • It’s a Seller’s Market below $900,000, keenly competitive for buyers below $500,000.
  • When you find what you love, move fast.
  • Mortgage rates are at their lowest in years = More Home, Lower Payments!

 Sellers. . .

  • While market conditions below $900,000 are strong, no matter the price, one fact remains, half hearted selling-efforts will fall flat faced. This is especially true as we enter a Seasonal-Slower Fall and Winter.
  • Supreme interior and exterior merchandising is a must. (Here’s a Checklist)
  • Quality and reach in your marketing and promotional strategy is more important than ever.
  • Give-It-Away pricing is not required!  Competitive pricing is.
  • More and more, serious sellers are matched with serious buyers every day.

Reach out to me if you would like more real estate information.  You can email me at Scott@ScottCulberson.com.

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