backtoschool Magnolia Independent School District has it’s first day of school:


Believe it, summer is official over.  Texas Tax Free weekend is going on RIGHT NOW!!  But don’t be the parent to deliver your kids on Monday, that would show that your just a little to eager for school to start.  It’s time to fill up those brains with more knowledge, more reading and writing and more communicating with peers in a real world like setting.  It’s time for facebook and twitter to have a time out.  That’s right it’s time to have the youth actually talk to each other face to face…kinda like mom and dad has to do every day at their work.  Work…. you know the application that provides money, money that is spent on food oh, and those fancy phones that can not only read this blog, but re-post it on twenty plus social websites.

I understand the excitement of school from a relocation standpoint.  My family moved from one state to another and I started the school year knowing only one person in my grade.  I am glad to say that we are still friends today.  New town, new home, new subdivision, new friends, new adventures….opportunities are around every corner.  Nobody knows about that fashion flub or that piece of toilet paper that was stuck to your shoe after your visit to the bathroom.  They will just know you for what you have done in the past couple of minutes.  Hopefully your subdivision welcomes you with a gift basket or at least a couple of your neighbors say hello instead of just starring.

So school is starting, have you joined the PTO?  Why not???? Get involved even if it’s just your email address on a mailing list and a donation to the “help the school” fund.  This is your community now and you have the power to make it the best in the nation.  Check out the Neighborhood Watch, the home owners association, the volunteer fire department, Chamber of Commerce, Varsity Football Games, be a band booster.  Get out in your community and re-visit why you moved here in the first place.

School is starting, let the good times roll.  If your new to the area and you would like suggestions on restaurants, dentist, doctor, lawyer, handyman, septic company…anything that would make you feel more comfortable here in Magnolia, Texas please drop me a line at Scott@ScottCulberson.com  As a local REALTOR I know a lot about our community and I would love the opportunity to help you to……



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The Road Home Doesn’t Have to be Rough (Texas Veterans Land Board)

Texas Flag God Bless the men and women that have protected our freedom.  With Texas being home to the 3rd largest Veteran population it’s a good bet that if you ask a stranger in Texas “Are you a Veteran?” they are probably going to say yes.  Take the time to ask the question: “Are You a Veteran?”  Now that you’ve asked the question, don’t forget to shake their hand and say: “THANK YOU!”

The Great State of Texas has a program in place to THANK our Veterans: The Texas Veterans Land Board(VLB).  Created in 1946 it provides special state benefits just for all veterans, active duty military, unmarried, surviving spouse and more.  The VLB offers:

  1. Below Market Interest Rate Loans on
    1. Home-Improvement
    2. Homes
    3. Land
  2. Affordable long-term nursing care
  3. Dignified burial benefits

VLB Programs are State Benefits and are separate from your VA benefits.  Texas is 1 of 5 states that offer Veterans benefits. (Alaska, California, Oregon and Wisconsin)  Here are the basics:  Veterans many use each loan program more than once.  All properties must be wholly located in the state of Texas.  All loans are subject to credit approval.  Texas Veterans Land Board loans may NOT be sued for refinancing purposes.  Eligibility requirements and forms are available on line at


Eligibility can usually be turned around in 24-48 hours when all eligibility forms and DD-214 are filled out properly.  You will want to make sure your lender understands how to work with The Texas Veterans Land Board.  Once the notice of eligibility letter is generated it has a shelf life of 1 year.  The housing assistance program  has a maximum loan amount $325,000…..WOW!!! Veterans must occupy as primary residence, eligible property types are Single Family, Condo, Townhome, 2-4 Family (5yrs or older), and certain Manufactured and Modular homes.  Loan must be originated in conjunction with FHA, VA or Conventional financing.  The terms 15 or 30 years.  The VLB does not allow “premium” pricing.  The VLB sets the rate, NOT the lender.  The base rate changes weekly, but is designed to be lower than market rates(this is the currently policy).  Qualified Veterans Disability Discount Veterans with Disabilities have reductions based on their level of disability.  The VLB also has a land program, a home improvement program.

Did you know that VLB Housing and Home Improvement loans reduce to 0% interest for Activated Guard and Reserve?  Land payments are deferred.  Three month grace period after deactivation before payment resumes.  Loan reverts to Federal Law (6% max) for remaining nine months.

Their is so much more information that a participating lender can share with you.

This REALTORS Perspective:

I would like to thank Tamara Tapman at SWBC Mortgage.  I was fortunate enough to attend a REALTOR training class on the Texas Veterans Land Board sponsored by SWBC Mortgage.  What a great resource they have been for my clients.  That is how I was able to write the blog today.  We can all learn something if we give ourselves the opportunity to learn.  We can never be satisfied that we have learned everything.  If I were a lumberjack I would always have to take time to sharpen my ax.  I hope that this blog has helped you to sharpen your mental ax.  If you are a Veteran THANK YOU again…GOD has blessed us with your service.  If you are not a Veteran, maybe you know one that would benefit from this blog……PASS IT ON and don’t forget to……

Live Life to the Fullest,


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Week 5 52 Weeks in Magnolia, Texas A Visit to Contenders Choice Batting Cages

     Yogi Berra once said: “Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets.” Source: Catcher in the Wry (Bob Uecker) Another way to keep the parents off the streets is to get them to Contenders Choice Batting Cages in Magnolia, Texas. 

Babe Ruth  said, “How to hit home runs: I swing as hard as I can, and I try to swing right through the ball…The harder you grip the bat, the more you can swing it through the ball, and the farther the ball will go. I swing big, with everything I’ve got. I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can.” Source: Words of Wisdom (William Safire)  You can increase your chances of hitting home runs by spending some time in the batting cages.  Your stance, swing, every moment has to feel natural once you step on the field to an unruly crowd or a tight situation.  It is in those situations that you WILL fall back to the way you have practiced.  The way you stand, swing your hips, arms, wrists will all go back to habit.  Will you be ready for three balls, two strikes, two outs, home team, bases loaded, fifth inning time expired with the score 4-0 (not in your favor)??

Have mom or dad bring you out to Contenders Choice Batting Cages (with your bat, helmet and batting gloves).  They have extra bats and helmets, but nothing feels better than your own.  It’s all about helping you get into YOUR zone.  One dollar gets you 1 token which is 20 pitches. Five dollars gets you 6 tokens which is 120 pitches.  Thirty dollars gets you an hour with unlimited tokens. Summer hours are Monday-Friday 5pm-8pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Closed Sunday.  Once Out 2 Eat Restaurant opens the cages will be open all day.  They have lights, a pitching tunnel for private lessons and six different cages with six different speeds to choose from.  If you play on a diamond you need to get into the cages and take it up a notch.  Softball, baseball, grab your bat, slop

  • Cage 1 Baseball  35-40 MPH Softball Slow Pitch
  • Cage 2 Baseball  45-50 MPH Softball Slow Pitch
  • Cage 3 Baseball  50-55 MPH
  • Cage 4 Baseball  65-70 MPH
  • Cage 5 Baseball  75-85 MPH
  • Cage 6 Softball    55-60 MPH Softball Fast Pitch


Located just over the left center fence of Field 8 Magnolia Baseball Association.  If your traveling West on FM 249 you’ll take the dirt road right after Sugar Bend Drive, Magnolia, Texas

Hank Aaron hit home run number seven-hundred and fifteen occurred April 8, 1974, at precisely 9:07 p.m. EST versus Al Downing in front of 53,775 fans.  Where will you be on Friday, April 8, 2011?  Will you be planning for the future by practicing in the present?

You can contact Contenders Batting Cages at: (281) 840-1300

This REALTOR’s Perspective:

Practice makes perfect.  It doesn’t matter if your buying or selling a home, you gotta practice.  “Scott, what could I possibly Practice?”  I’m asked.  To start with you have to practice living your life to the fullest.  What makes you and your family happy.  We are all here for a reason so we have to look for the things that truly make us happy.  Their is a difference between pleasure and happiness.  Pleasure comes from a good meal or an entertaining movie.  It is short lived and while pleasurable once it is consumed or the final reel is over, it’s over.  Happiness comes from doing something that gives a lasting feeling of satisfaction.  Taking the time to have tea with your daughter, listening about your spouses day at work, volunteering for a youth organization, or giving your son the opportunity to lead you in an activity.  That funny feeling you find in the back of your throat is happiness that you have received just for living life to the fullest.  By doing this it will help you to figure out not only how you want to live, but where you want to live.  Positive, actions breed positive reactions.  You’ll find that you want to live in a community that shares the same interests in living life as you do. 

Try this for a week, EVERY day.  Compliment someone for something positive they have done.  You may find that this is hard to do at first.  You might try to find the “perfect” action to compliment, that’s not the point.  The point is to practice the positive.  Give it a shot, “make someone’s day” and I hope this helps you to…..

Live Life to the Fullest,

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