I am posting this from my other website Living the real estate LIFE, not only because it’s a good post, but because the ECHO FLEX is back in stock for a short time and it will be a short time because this item sells out fast. Read on to see why this device is GREAT!!!

My first favorite smart device is a smart speaker from Amazon, the Echo Flex. THIS IS A GREAT SMART SPEAKER TO GET YOU STARTED–With a starting price tag of $24.99 you immediately start to see why I like this device. The small price tag is only equaled by it’s small size(2.8″tall by 2.6″ wide), but don’t be fooled their is ALOT you can do with this device. This is the only Alexa speaker that plugs straight into the wall. What comes in the box is the Echo Flex and some instructions that’s it, NO CORD. You plug the Echo Flex directly into an outlet and you can plug it in RIGHT side up or UPSIDE DOWN. I’ll explain why you might want to do that later. The Echo Flex has a 3.5mm line out on the side, perfect for plugging into a speaker, a USB PORT on the bottom, and Bluetooth capabilities. The microphones, speakers and on/off buttons are on the face of the Echo Flex. The speaker is small, but with the Bluetooth capability you can synch to a more powerful Bluetooth speaker or an Amazon Echo Dot or like I mentioned earlier you can run that 3.5mm wire to a bigger and better speaker. Because of it’s size and the ability to plug directly into an outlet this Echo can go places other echo’s have difficulty like behind a counter or on a wall that doesn’t have a table or ledge near it. You can use this device just like other Echo devices, calling the wake word and then asking for what you need. Wake words include: Alexa, Computer, Echo, Amazon, Ziggy and any of the celebrity voices you have paid for. Here is an Amazon link to the Echo Flex.

The Echo Flex has several accessories that you can use with the device and one of these is my second favorite smart device. Important thing to note you can only use one accessory with the Echo Flex at a time. I mean you plug the accessory into the USB port on the bottom of the Echo Flex. The three most popular accessories are a digital clock, a night-light and a motion sensor. The brand of accessory that I have tested and have had positive results with is made by Third Reality. The device that I have tested is the motion Sensor, $14.99. You would plug the motion sensor into the bottom of the Echo Flex and then plug the Echo Flex into an outlet. Your motion detection would be at the bottom of the device. If you are not getting the range that you want you simply unplug the Echo Flex, flip it upside down and now the motion detector is on the top. Here is an Amazon link to the Motion Sensor for Echo Flex. Link to the Clock. Link to the Night-light.

Having a motion detector with a speaker opens up a world of opportunity with Amazon Routines. Your looking at around a $40.00 one time fee. Let me be clear, that’s buying an Echo Flex and a Third Reality Motion Sensor and does not include any shipping and handling. You can add Amazon Prime or Amazon music but all of your echo devices will work fine without an Amazon Prime or Amazon music account. Let’s talk about routines.
The flow of a routine is: Trigger=Action.

Your trigger is motion detected. Your action could be all of the following: 1) Sound “dog barking” 2) Smart Home “lamp goes on” 3) Alexa says “Someone’s in the kitchen”. You can also set this routine for certain days of the week and certain times of the day. You can then have the routine wait for let’s say 15 minutes then turn off the lamp. Lastly you can suppress the routine for a number of hours or minutes before it will run again, that way people won’t be tripping it over and over again and it becoming annoying.

The small price tag and size makes the Echo Flex and it’s motion detector the perfect tool for any real estate agent or broker listing properties. It’s perfect for you to promote your listings as buyer’s tour the property and you might want to use one during and open house. After all Alexa is the ultimate assistant, put her to work upstairs or in another part of the home. She can talk to buyers upstairs while you talk to a group in the kitchen. The ultimate open house that EVERYONE will be talking about.

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backtoschool Magnolia Independent School District has it’s first day of school:


Believe it, summer is official over.  Texas Tax Free weekend is going on RIGHT NOW!!  But don’t be the parent to deliver your kids on Monday, that would show that your just a little to eager for school to start.  It’s time to fill up those brains with more knowledge, more reading and writing and more communicating with peers in a real world like setting.  It’s time for facebook and twitter to have a time out.  That’s right it’s time to have the youth actually talk to each other face to face…kinda like mom and dad has to do every day at their work.  Work…. you know the application that provides money, money that is spent on food oh, and those fancy phones that can not only read this blog, but re-post it on twenty plus social websites.

I understand the excitement of school from a relocation standpoint.  My family moved from one state to another and I started the school year knowing only one person in my grade.  I am glad to say that we are still friends today.  New town, new home, new subdivision, new friends, new adventures….opportunities are around every corner.  Nobody knows about that fashion flub or that piece of toilet paper that was stuck to your shoe after your visit to the bathroom.  They will just know you for what you have done in the past couple of minutes.  Hopefully your subdivision welcomes you with a gift basket or at least a couple of your neighbors say hello instead of just starring.

So school is starting, have you joined the PTO?  Why not???? Get involved even if it’s just your email address on a mailing list and a donation to the “help the school” fund.  This is your community now and you have the power to make it the best in the nation.  Check out the Neighborhood Watch, the home owners association, the volunteer fire department, Chamber of Commerce, Varsity Football Games, be a band booster.  Get out in your community and re-visit why you moved here in the first place.

School is starting, let the good times roll.  If your new to the area and you would like suggestions on restaurants, dentist, doctor, lawyer, handyman, septic company…anything that would make you feel more comfortable here in Magnolia, Texas please drop me a line at Scott@ScottCulberson.com  As a local REALTOR I know a lot about our community and I would love the opportunity to help you to……



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Week 1 52 Weeks in Magnolia, Texas at Visit to Unity Park

Magnolia, Texas is located about thirty miles Northwest of Houston, Texas and is growing at a nice country pace.  Just a couple of miles West of master planned The Woodlands, Texas

.  In 2010 Magnolia opened the first city park in….well…many years.  Partially funded by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, it is now open to the public. 

Sometimes you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world around you.  Take a trip down FM 1488 and take a right on Cloyd Drive, a little further and you’ve made it to Magnolia Unity Park.  Native Texas trees and wildlife have been kept intact so you can enjoy the nature of Magnolia as God intended it.  Your find walking trails, picnic tables, sitting tree benches, nature view areas,  just to get things started.  Thirty acres of fun is waiting for you.  The young ones might enjoy the splash pad,  and playground, while the older ones might enjoy a game of horse shoes, sand volleyball or the skateboard park.  The park has something for everyone, including a huge covered pavilion with a kitchen and bathrooms.  This pavilion can be rented for your next family reunion, just contact the City of Magnolia.  On the back side of the pavilion is an amphitheater, perfect for the sounds of home town talent. I recently visited the park and took some video for you to have a look.  I hope you enjoy.

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A Realtors Perspective

This is the first post in what I hope to be a series that will not only continue for this year, but many years to come.  I plan on modeling the content as we travel week by week in the City of Magnolia.  That’s right 52 weeks of Magnolia, Texas.  Your feedback is encouraged.  What would you like to know about this small Texas town that you might call home?  I’ll put my spin on Magnolia and the things that I think you’ll enjoy, but I plan on this series being a blog of the people.  I look forward to you going on this adventure with me and I hope you enjoy the ride. Planned content will range from a written blog, videos, interviews, pictures and anything else I can think of.  This is part of my commitment to creating THE Real Estate Team 4 U.  I am never too busy for your referrals.


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