December 24–1 day until Christmas—What’s the best gift you’ve ever given…the one that you that had the WOW effect you’ve always wanted?

Christmas_ball_D I tried long and hard to think of the best gift I ever gave; the one that had the Wow effect; the one that surpassed all others. The more I thought about this the more I couldn’t really put my finger on it. I started to ponder why I couldn’t remember, was it because it hasn’t happened yet or was it because my parents raised me right. I think it might be because my parents raised me right. The fact is I think I have given several WOW gifts and the fact that I can’t remember them is due probably to the fact that I haven’t stopped looking for the next Wow gift, the search continues to Wow again and again.

I remember giving homemade gifts to my parents and them enjoying them and I remember gifts to my wife and my kids that they didn’t expect. The most recent gift that has received maybe not the WOW, but most definitely the most use was the Garmin GPS that we gave my dad and my father-in-law. They didn’t have to share, they each got one thanks to incredible pricing at Wal-Mart. I use my GPS daily and I guess I take it for granted. Let’s face it I’m a man and I don’t like asking directions and neither do they. So this gift tops my list of the MOST used gifts I’ve ever given. No man likes to ask for directions and now you don’t have to; you just type in your destination and a pretty little computer voice tells you how to get there. Yes, most of the time it’s a female voice, which is kind of odd. Did you ever see your dad ask a waitress how to get somewhere, no it was always the gas attendant or a policeman. So I’m still on the hunt for the Wow gift, something that will blow them away, something that they can’t wait to start using..hmmm.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given…the one that you that had the WOW effect you’ve always wanted?

This REALTORS Perspective: The gift of home ownership puts you on the path to personal wealth, but does it put you on the road to happiness? Owning a home is more than making payments to a bank instead of a landlord. Owning a home is a commitment to your family and your community. The commitment to your family is that you’re going to take care of the home, keep it working right and looking nice is always a plus. The commitment to the community is the same oddly enough. The home owners association wants you to cut your grass and paint your home a reasonable color, not because they want to be in control of your home, but because they want the value of all the homes in the neighborhood to increase or more importantly not to decrease. The happiest home owners are the ones that are ready to mow the yard, repair their own sink, and choose their own electrical carrier. Happiness comes in making your own choices about where the shrubs go and the flowers don’t. Happiness comes with picking your new tile, hard wood flooring or countertops. Happiness is making your house a home by putting your finger prints all over it.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given…the one that you that had the WOW effect you’ve always wanted?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and may you always…..

Live Life to the Fullest,

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