Good Luck Year Round not just on St. Patrick’s Day (2012)

 stpattysdayhat Top o’ the mornin’.  And the rest of the day to you.   And so goes the ole Irish greeting and response;at least that’s what an Irish fella I met told me one day.

No Irish history lesson here, just a bit of gold that might help you Year Round.

“May the luck of the Irish possess you.  May the devil fly off with your worries.  May God Bless you forever and ever.”  –Unknown Source

“I believe in luck.  The harder I work the luckier I get.”  –Sam Shoen

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”  –Thomas Jefferson

Luck is being ready for the chance.”  –J. Frank Dable

So make your own luck; work hard, be thankful for what you have and if you want for more……work harder, and give what it takes. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


I’m green today, are you?  Life runs 24/7 don’t wait, take time every day to…………………………………………..



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Week 1 52 Weeks in Spring, TX. a visit to JAX burgers fries and Shakes

Everyone has gotta eat and hamburgers have been an American staple since before Ray Kroc ate his first hamburger… well you know the story.  I decided it was time to check out JAX burgers, fries and Shakes…yes I had all three.  JAX is a family owned joint with three locations in the Houston area….Pearland, Spring, and the newest location in Magnolia, Texas.

The menu is easy to follow and the atmosphere is warm and friendly.  Menu board on the wall as you walk in to order at the counter.  You can also call ahead or use the drive thru. All of their burgers are Certified Angus Beef and the ice cream for the shakes is Texas made Blue Bell.  Six different ways you can have your fries. 

I am a burger magnet, but this was one time I had trouble ordering, so many good burger choices.  I forgot to ask if they have a burger sampler platter…hmmm something for next trip.  I ordered the #1 JAX burger, I tried the regular fries, and they were both awesome.  I am going to have to try the sweet potato fries next time.  I’m not a fan of sweet potatoes, but as a fry that just might work for me.  I rounded out my order with a vanilla shake.  Everything was fresh, warm and VERY tasty.  I got my order to go and their packaging keep all the juices in their prospective areas.

So if you’re looking for a burger option or a neat place to take the family in Spring, TX check out JAX (4334 FM 2920, 3 miles west of I-45. Between I-45 and Kuykendahl!).  No golden arches, just good food and did I mention they have tv’s too. 

 A REALTORS Perspective

A huge part of buying a home is the fact that you ARE buying a community too.  So if you’re looking for a home, look around the home.   Your looking for a community that has a solid foundation, just like your home.  A solid foundation can with stand almost any storm, economic or weather.  Check out the foundation around you and let me know what restaurant, shop, church, park, etc that you would like me to review in Spring, Texas.

Live Life to the Fullest,


23 days until Christmas— Have you read the book “The Night Before Christmas in Texas-That Is” by Lean Harris ?

Christmas_ball_D So as a youngster I spent Christmas in North Carolina (until we moved to Texas) and my Grandpa Culberson made sure that I knew how things are bigger and better in Texas.   I remember one Christmas getting a book. I didn’t want a book, I wanted a car or a red rider bb gun or who really can remember back that far what I wanted.  The book “The Night Before Christmas in Texas-That Is” by Lean Harris.  My parents did read me that book, I can’t remember if it was Christmas Eve, Christmas day or way before Christmas.  “THAT’S  how we celebrate Christmas in Texas” my grandfather would tell me on the phone.  My parents tried to keep me grounded, but a boot instead of a stocking…how cool was that.  I also couldn’t imagine a Christmas that wasn’t at least sweater weather.  I would find out when we move that…it’s hot in Texas and the white stuff doesn’t visit very often.  I only remember once Winter as a child in Texas that brought us snow that stuck.  My sister and I made a snowman and he was REALLY short. 

To the best of my knowledge this book is out of print, but maybe it will turn up in the attic.  The excitement of this Christmas story, THE Christmas story or any family favorite can’t be beat.  YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, none of these can take the magic away from a story read by mom, dad, sister of brother.  The written word is still alive and well at my home and I hope it is at yours as well.  The inflection you can put into the story, your own Texas drawl, listener participation, other silly voices are all part of the magic of bringing the story alive in the eyes of an excited child.  

MY REALTOR PERSPECTIVE: Sometimes you have to read.  In real estate it just makes sense to read what’s going on.  As a  REALTOR I have lots of papers to go over with my clients.  Buying, selling, renting, landlord it doesn’t matter their are papers you need to read.  With my buyers and sellers one of the first meetings I ask for is a meeting to go over what a contract looks like.  This is our meeting to go into depth about ever part of the contract.  The reason I like to have this meeting early…..once you’ve found the home or the buyer the client can see the finish line and is prone to miss the puddle up a head.  It is best to read over the contract in a relaxed setting, ask TONS of questions so when the excitement of  having a contract comes you can focus on how to make it work for you.

Have you read the book “The Night Before Christmas in Texas-That Is” by Lean Harris ?  What is your best Christmas story memory?Since I couldn’t find or remember the lines to the story….I thought I’d share a Texas Christmas song

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